Digital Portraits

My art today, is the convergence of my experiences of living around water from my earliest years through out my adult life.  As a boy I was fascinated with peoples faces and eyes and I strated at a very young to drawing and paint portraits. I still love figure art today and I try to express my current technique at least once a day. 


My techniques are simple and I provide a perfect palette that balances thelight and dramatic appeal with a digital canvas format. The medium tool used for this is Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Although I have been trained in all areas of art from drawing to sculpture, in this particular body of work I wanted to concentrate on just porttaits. I have used the style of impasto within some pieces. In others I have combined the power of the stroke with the abililty to control my overal glazing.


SteveC Digita lPaint
Malkovich. Digital Paint
KimmySchmidt Digital Paint
Dwight Digital Paint
Walkin_dammit Digital Paint
Barouqe Digital Paint
old_man_ Digital Paint
purplelipspainting Digital Paint
Tribute_Loish_Digital Paint
biker+glassasian Digital Paint
biker+NYC Digital Paint
Digital Paint
meganF Digital Paint