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Michael Scott Hull | Artwork | Designs | and more


I'm an artist, instructor, and professor at New York Insttitute of Technology and to say the least…  it has been an exciting journey. I came from a small beach town located on the Florida coast line... beautiful coast. I was able to drive to the beach (great beach) every day. I trulyu do miss it.


Yet, here I am... and daily my wife assures me that it will be ok..  I am sure that everything will as long as I can create and inspire.


Before moving to New York (three suite cases and about four hundred dollars) in 2019 we lived in Las Vegas ,  Although, my surroundings were amazing and oppurtunities was abundate. We truly never elft at ease or at home. We missed the rain and the East Coast atmosphere. So I am truly amazed that we once again go to the beach and hear the sound of the ocean.


My focus has always been within the creative arts; I solidified my love for the arts at the young age of 5... drawing with my father. He, after all is my inspiration, and since that day early in life my goal was to create and be just as talented as my loving and giving parents.


Throughout my creative life I achieved the greatest of accomplishments… to raise four children and to truly loving every minute of it. During this time I put my interest and goals on hold to ensure that they possessed a solid footing in the world.


Yet… yet, I could not have acheived any of this without a supportive wife (thumb nail pictured below). She after all; put up with me and allows me to continue to strive and move forward as an artist, husband, and teacher... although, she has no artistic talent she is the most creative person in my life.

I am truly blessed and maybe a touch lucky. I currently teach at New York Institute of Technology my title is Associate Professor within the Digital Art and Technology programs. This is a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree as well as Digital Art MFA in Animation and Graphic Design.


 However, these accolades are not why I love my position. The real reason is that I get to share the journey of creativity with my students and best of all it happens every day. Along with teaching at the college I also get the chance to go back to my roots and freelance.

Before I came to Las Vegas or New York I work on the world’s most famous beach at a custom airbrush shop "Wild and Crazy". They are located on the famous Main Street ave. Daytona Beach, FL. (known for Bike Week, Bike Toberfest). Airbrush design/paint are my roots I began when I was a teenager and it has been away to provide for family ever since. I have had the opportunity to create amazing airbrush designs throughout Florida from Panama City to Key-west. This has given me a wonderful and colorful palette of ideas.


I truly love the arts as well as working with artist in pretty much every medium. Therefore, I began to love and create in many mediums, that is why you will see different structures and platforms within this site. I am fluid in my means to inspire as well as create and I believe you must be have this dynamic mind set in today’s art world.


 I hope you enjoy my work and if you would like for me to come and teach and hopefully inspire please contact me through my email ( or my social sites ( and I would be happy to set a time for a workshop in your area.

The middle picture of the girl on surf board in a desparate means to get my wife closer to me quicker she sold this piece. Super miss it... who ever has it please IM DM me.

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