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                               Charcoal Drawings from "Impact"

                                          Currently on Display at the Daytona Beach News Journal North Gallery

These Charcoal Drawings you see today are an example of the power a wave can conjure as well as the style and grace of a dancer. This power not only exsist above the ocean surface as a wave breaks but also below. The force of the wave causes a wirlpool of water turmoil. This is similar of the turmoil within our lifes journey. As we go through of lives there are times that we have to make a decision the importance of the decision can be little to non however, none the less it may have a grave "Impact". These images are demonstrating a second within our lives that can effect us forever.


They also represent the playful fun humans can enjoy within the ocean. These works of art represent a split second of an unstoppable “Impact”. They also symbolize one possible way of connecting to a strange and wonderful world. Yet, this connection does not take place below the surface but at its peak.


For more inofrmation and the purchasing of these illustrations and others within the site please contact M. Scott Hull at

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